CRUSUS An Educational, Research and Business Consulting Network oriented to Sustainability SEE HOW WE CAN HELP STUDENTS We are ready to help students in the following ways:  Consulting advice for their research in a bachelor work, master thesis or  doctoral dissertation in various topics related to environmental science and  sustainable development.  Offer of valuable references for their research.  Keep informed about scholarship, internship and job opportunities in their  countries or abroad.   Note: We offer several internship opportunities for European students  within the Erasmus placement scheme at CRUSUS and also in our  partner organizations.  Other advantages can be consulted in our membership plan document.  Download.  Members OUR CO-FOUNDERS OTHER STAFF SEE HOW WE CAN HELP YOU:  Entrepreneurs & companies  Students  Academics & Education Institutions SEE WHO WE ARE:  Institutional Collaborators  Individual Collaborators BECAME OUR MEMBER: Membership CRUSUS Membership application